VIBEdaPLANET is an online radio station from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Human friendly, sunny, every day much needed positive vibes, and soulful music source.

We broadcast: Instrumental hip-hop, jazzy beats, funky, dub, hip-hop classic anthems over the world, 24/7-365 days by year.



  • Hip-Hop Atmosphere by Dj Alex Yurov

    Every Saturday 21:00 (GMT +3)

    Hip-Hop Atmosphere
    by Dj Alex Yurov (SPB)

  • Cut-in-time by Dj N-Tone

    Second and fourth Thursday 21:00 (GMT +3)

    by Dj N-Tone (MSK)

  • Hip-Hop Parallel by Dj 108 and Dj Tonik

    Tuesday 21:00 (GMT +3)

    Hip-Hop Parallel
    by Dj 108 and Dj Tonik (SPB)

  • Sketch & Scratch by Dj Tonik

    Every Wednesday 21:00 (GMT +3)

    Sketch & Scratch 2.0
    by Dj Tonik (SPB)

  • Live Mix by Dj Shene

    First and third Thursday 22:00 (GMT +3)

    Live Mix
    by Dj Shene (ARH)

  • ShakaJoints by Dj Surfa

    Tuesday 21:00 (GMT +3)

    by Dj Surfa (SPB)

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  • Friday 2 April / 15:00 (GMT +3) Future Past Vol.9 - DJ Jet Slippers
  • Tuesday 12 April / 21:00 (GMT +3) Shaka Joints Vol.16 - DJ Surfa
  • Saturday 16 April / 15:00 (GMT +3) Sketch & Scratch Vol.64 - DJ Tonik

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  • Dmitriy Semenov Founder & Director
  • Maksim Arbuzov Designer
  • Andrei Filippov Software Engineer
  • Maksim Alekseev Visual Arts, Social Media
  • Pavel Filippov Video Production

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